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How to pronounce Evsie's name, and how to book him.


Evsie Events

Evsie is the name I use to sign my cartoons these days. It's pronounced 'Ev-zee', not 'Eve-zee', as some people are inclined to think. 

Anyway. The slogan is, ‘It’s Not an Event without Evsie’. (Acknowledgements to our solicitor, Mr Stuart Barton, for coining that catch-phrase.) What kind of wedding is it if I’m not there, amusing and delighting the guests with my inky flourishes? It’s not much of a product launch or an open day without the Man With the Pad lighting up the lives of potential clients.

I’ve done a good few weddings in my time, and I know when to be visible and when to melt into the background, and I know how to dodge waiters if I’m required to work round the tables.
Apart from being a good way to lighten up an event, at least 45 guests (more like 60, if we hit the ground running on a full day) are going to go home with a permanent reminder of it – I usually prepare a wad of paper with a few details pertaining the event or company printed along the bottom. And people, having had their picture, still sometimes ask – ‘and how much is that?’
‘Nothing! It’s a present from your host’. That really does leave a good impression.

I work in black ink, using a Pentel Brush-pen. I’ve been using these for ten years now, and I think they are utterly brilliant! I still have my first one, and I usually only have to replace them when I lose them.
My rates for any event booked after 1st April 2017 will start at £225 for a full day (approximately six hours) and £150 for a half a day (up to four hours). If the venue is more than half an hour's drive, there will be a small surcharge to cover travel time and fuel (£25). A fee for any journeys of considerable distance would need to be negotiated.

This page also features work from pay-per-picture events,  such as dog shows and family fun days.  I pay the organisers, and charge a small fee (usually a fiver) for each person or pooch I draw.  It must be remembered that these drawings take around ten minutes, so there is no time for polishing.  I'm not doing very many pay-per -picture events nowadays, though.

To see me at work, go to YouTube, and type 'Evsie'. 

Any questions?  send me an email at or call me on (01539) 740303