Image Gallery


This section of the gallery is devoted to privately commissioned works, and things I've done just for fun.
The Pencil Museum Mural story might more properly belong in corporate illustrations, but the pictures seem to sit better here. To see a brilliant video by Aqueous Films click here:
My thanks and admiration are due to Kat Lowe, who condensed my labours into five bright, amusing minutes, making me look more talented than I really am.

For more of my video craziness, and some footage of me at work, go to You Tube, and type in 'Evsie' - which should take you straight to where all this stuff lives.

Some of the paintings I've done for people have very esoteric elements, because I always do what I'm asked.  Here and there, I've added explanatory notes.

I hope you like the works from the 70s, too...the scans aren't sharp enough to show all the painstaking line shading, and my lack of formal training is evident,  but I'm happy enough to share them with the world thirty-odd years on.

For those looking for my collection of what I believe is called 'Good Girl Art' - that is to say, nice looking ladies having dangerous encounters while wearing very few clothes - well, it's been down for a couple of years, because I didn't want to embarrass my stepson, but he's all grown up now, so yippee.  You should find it at the end of this gallery after a blockade of warnings.  Despite the innocuity of the content, there are still people who strain themselves to get to this stuff, then get themselves into a twizzle about it because it isn't politically correct or whatever.  Please - this is for entertainment, and if you think you're going to be offended by the image of a woman in a bathing suit shooting a ray gun at a monster,  best just not go in there. The rest of you ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy - and don't forget, you can commission me to create paintings just for you.

Please enjoy your visit, and by all means, drop me an email to say hi.