Hello, who am I?

I’m a fifty-something-going-on-fourteen skinny English bloke who paints pictures and draws cartoons, and when I’m not doing it for money and fun, I’m doing it for fun. I live in Kendal, the Gateway to The Lake District, which is in the north west region of the country, with my lovely wife (aka Princess Kitten), my brilliant stepson, two dogs and a cat. (You can see an impression of the missus and the doggies in the 'Grenville Gallery' banner on this site.)

To them, I’m That Mad Old Goat In The Attic, but the outpourings of my fevered imagination rarely overflow into their world. When I’m not in my attic, I’m out either painting murals, or doing lightning cartoons of guests at public and private functions. And more recently, I have started to gravitate towards dog events, because I love drawing funny pictures of people’s pooches. See the relevant sections for samples.

I've recently been doing animations, ranging from simple GIF moving images for websites, to promotional cartoon films, edited to voice tracks.  Alas, there is nowhere here to display the moving images, but I will provide links to clients whose websites wriggle and dance with my crazy nonsense.
I’m Robin Grenville Evans when I’m above myself, and think I’ve done a good painting.  I’m ‘Evsie’ when I’ve drawn a cartoon of a person or a dog from life, and I’m ‘Bin’ if it’s a saucy comic strip, but there won’t be much of that here.   No more about me: I have such a happy life that my personality is completely uninteresting. Just look at the pictures, and see if you can’t find me some work to do.
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Telephone: 01539 740303